Wealth Management

At Shinhan Perkasa Holdings, we offer diversified investment strategies with a wide range of risk/return profiles to meet the unique criteria of each client.

Our wealth managers possess unmatched knowledge, understanding and experience of the global markets, which enables them to identify and navigate profitable investment opportunities for our clients effectively.

A Team Of Professionals

We have an entire team of professionals involved in our decision-making, which is conducted using fundamental data. Our team of strategists and market intelligence analysts diagnose the macroeconomic moves to evaluate the financial market situation. Our wealth managers take the results and conduct further thorough research before selecting the sector or asset as a team in agreement.

You will be assigned a personal wealth manager who will remain in contact with you throughout the whole investment journey. Your profile and objectives will be continuously assessed, and with this, our experts will propose to you the right approaches or services uniquely tailored to you.

Rest assured you will be provided with the most satisfactory service available with a fully engaged investment strategy designed to eliminate human error, resulting in the most profitable returns.

Foreign Exchange

One of the biggest and most liquid financial markets in the world is the currency market. Currencies such as the U.S. Dollar, the Euro and the Yen trade in the foreign exchange (FX) market 24 hours a day, shifting in value relative to one another almost constantly.

We provide our clients with the opportunity to tap into the FX market, representing the full spectrum of our best-selected currency investment strategies, taking advantage of both our macroeconomic analytics and quantitative research expertise. Our approach aims to generate returns by optimizing structural inefficiencies and valuation inconsistencies in the global currency markets while alleviating downside risk exposure.


Our experienced research and market analytics team strives to identify commodities which are reasonably inexpensive for our clients. Our commodities will deliver an inflation hedge unmatched by most asset classes, substantial diversification advantages and the promise of improved risk-adjusted returns.

Our wealth managers take full advantage of commodities at a low price, providing clients with exceptional value to contribute to their portfolio and reach their desired financial position.

Global Equities

At Shinhan Perkasa Holdings, we provide our clients with direct access to the global stocks and shares markets, offering investment strategies from initial recommendation through to execution.

Our global equities team operates with company stocks, ETFs, synthetic shares and other equity-related products. We have access to the US, Asia-Pacific, and European markets, with the possibility of expanding to the Australian market and other regions which are regulated with well-structured stock exchanges.

Fixed Income

Shinhan Perkasa Holdings’ fixed income solutions are available to clients who are seeking safer investment products — typically used with more substantial deposits from individuals and corporations who would be satisfied with a minimal return that comes from bonds and other fixed income products.

Our clients have the opportunity to invest in the complete range of bonds, from government bonds and municipal securities to coupons and corporate bonds. Although most of our fixed income products are moderate and safe, we can offer you higher yield products such as short-term bonds, which involve added risks but higher rewards.


Shinhan Perkasa Holdings offers derivatives which enable individual and institutional clients to trade over 9,000 single stock CFDs across 20 global exchanges.

We provide derivatives that are generally more complex products offering increased volatility. Usually, they relate to but are not limited to; equities, commodities, currencies or interest rates. Clients that are looking to diversify into more medium to high risk may opt for these sophisticated instruments.

Become a valued client of Shinhan Perkasa Holdings and access a globally recognized market-leading wealth management and investment advisory service.

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