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Based in the heart of Seoul, South Korea, Shinhan Perkasa Holdings is a respected pioneer in wealth management and investment advisory.

As a private office for high-net-worth investors, we maintain a clear vision of establishing a wealth management platform with a heavy focus on the financial aspirations and prosperity of our clients as the primary objective.

Another core objective of our business is to consistently deliver sophisticated yet straightforward investment strategies that complement the financial ambitions of our clients. Our mission is to be the most valued partner for our clients and continue to operate as the globally recognized wealth management company we have aspired to be.

Positive economic impact

Investment strategies aligned with the demands of both private and institutional investors.

We strive to create a positive economic impact and long-term profitability for our clients by partnering with them to engage in various investment opportunities confidently and to maintain their wealth for long-term capital appreciation. With a strong emphasis on capital sustainability, we aim to deliver consistently positive risk-adjusted returns across all market cycles.

Shinhan Perkasa Holdings implements modernized, deep-value investment methods to generate superior returns with limited risk. Our investment strategies focus on long-term wealth accumulation opportunities via a secure, consistent performance with minimal use of leverage.

Solutions tailored to our clients

We create solutions around the experiences, financial status and aspirations of our clients.

We aim to offer constant, in-depth guidance, and to motivate our clients to influence their investment strategies directly. This approach allows us to provide the personalized investment solutions upon which our company's success is derived.

Shinhan Perkasa Holdings today ranks among the leaders in the field of wealth management and investment advisory in Asia. We continue to evolve both in our local market and internationally, consistently stepping-up and strengthening our wealth management capabilities.

Become a valued client of Shinhan Perkasa Holdings and access a globally recognized market-leading wealth management and investment advisory service.

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